Do Tree Roots Grow in the Winter?

You probably already know that trees go dormant when the temperatures start to go down. Have you ever paused to think about what happens to the roots during the dormancy period? Do tree roots grow in the winter?

Since roots play an integral role in your tree’s growth and overall health, it pays to know what happens to them at any time of the year. This will help you give them the extra loving care that they deserve. In this blog post, as providers of reliable tree removal in Sandy Springs, we take a deeper look into root growth during the cold season.

When Do Trees Experience the Most Growth?

Trees often grow the most in late spring and early summer. It’s the time when your trees thrive the most. You’ll usually notice the trees developing new leaves and sprouting flowers during this period. 

On the other hand, some tree species experience a little growth spurt in early fall. As such, it’s not easy to tell when trees grow the fastest. Nonetheless, you can expect your trees to grow faster at the time that they experience the most growth. 

Trees perform well and enjoy healthy root growth when they receive sufficient nutrients. These nutrients come from the fertilizers we use on trees. That means you may not see significant root growth if you haven’t been keen on fertilizing your trees. 

What Happens to Tree Roots in Winter?

Do tree roots grow in the winter? The answer will depend mainly on your local climate and the soil temperature. Your tree roots will often continue growing as long as the ground temperatures remain above freezing. 

Root growth starts to diminish as the ground temperature approaches 36°F. The growth takes a pause once the soil freezes and resumes as the temperatures start to go up in the spring. 

We can safely conclude that tree roots experience some growth in winter. However, between November and April, the growth is likely to be slower than during the normal growing season. 

Keeping Your Tree Roots Healthy in Winter

You should take good care of your tree roots in winter to ensure they continue growing healthily during the spring. The steps you take when the temperatures drop below freezing could mean the difference between the life and death of your trees. 

Applying mulch is one of the best things you can do to your tree roots during winter. A thick layer of mulch can help reduce moisture loss and insulate the soil. 

Be sure that the mulch covers an extent of about two feet around the tree’s base. Even so, be careful not to let the mulch get into contact with the tree trunk. The last thing you want is to deal with trunk rot down the road. 

Additionally, you should ensure the ground around the tree stays moist by watering regularly. Something else you can do to protect your roots from damage is fertilization before winter arrives. 

If you fertilize your tree roots properly in the early spring, you won’t worry about their health during the winter. The fertilizers feed the roots and keep them strong. 

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