How Much Water Does a Tree Need in Milton, GA?

It’s basic knowledge that trees and other greenery need three main ingredients to thrive: nutrient-rich soil, sunlight, and water. However, when it comes to the latter, did you know that just like people, there’s a recommended amount of water they need to intake weekly, and drastically going over or under this amount proves detrimental? So, the real question is, “How much water does a tree need in Milton, GA?”

When looking for answers, you need to consult the specialists. Below, Southern Tree Pros, a team providing top-notch tree services in Milton, GA, with five-star ratings from HomeAdvisor, explains your tree’s basic needs in depth. 

Should You Just Wait for the Rain?

Most residents focus more on the delicate flowerbeds and vegetable gardens they’ve grown than on the trees they likely haven’t even planted themselves. Many also believe that because trees pop up everywhere in nature without human assistance, the ones in their backyards can fend for themselves. However, the climate isn’t always friendly, meaning they can suffer and die like any other greenery.

In Milton, your foliage gets between 3.4 and 4.6 inches of monthly rainfall during the growing season. According to the Georgia Forestry Commission, each inch equals five gallons, so from April to August, trees receive 17 to 23 gallons of water monthly. However, as we’ll explain below, some trees need more than that in one watering alone.

So, if you cherish your property’s trees that provide aesthetics and shade against almost 15 hours of direct sunlight each summer day in Milton, consider additional watering. 

How to Determine Your Tree Hydration Needs Per Watering

When determining tree water intake, tree size matters since every inch of tree diameter calls for an additional ten gallons of water. For instance, if you have saplings or small trees between one to seven inches in diameter, they need one to seven gallons of water, respectively, just as trees 16 inches in diameter or wider need 160 gallons and up per watering. 

But how do you know you’ve fulfilled your tree watering requirements on one tree and are ready to turn the hose onto the next one? Instead of measuring the gallons in a container or winging it, determine the tree diameter and multiply that number by five to get the number of minutes you need to water that tree. So, if you have a five-inch tree trunk diameter, it takes 25 minutes to water that tree.

Calculating tree water consumption helps you understand “How much does a tree need?” We also suggest lawn soakers, sprinklers, or drip irrigation systems that save you time with proper tree irrigation. 

How Much Time Should Pass in Between Waterings?

Now that you know the optimal tree watering amount, how often should you give this amount to them?

During the first month of a newly planted tree, water the root ball three times weekly to strengthen the root system. As it does, pull back the watering to only twice weekly during the second month and once weekly during the third. After this, the root system should be mature enough that you can maintain a semi-monthly watering schedule for the years to come. 

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Trees need more care than you think. So, whether it’s a fruit tree you’ve recently planted in your garden or a towering Oak that has been there long before you moved in, you need the pros to guide you. 

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