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Professional Tree Removal Service in Atlanta, GA

When your trees become damaged, diseased, or safety hazards, sometimes tree removal becomes necessary. Of course, getting the tree and stump out of the ground is easier said than done. It is crucial to hire an experienced and certified arborist for tree removal to avoid potential safety risks.

At Southern Tree Pros we take tree removal very seriously. We take the time to take care of your property and investment. Our first step is addressing the trees that need to be removed. Our estimators have many years in the business and will carefully walk through the process of removing your trees. We will either remove the tree by hand with progressive climbing techniques or use a crane to safely remove your trees from the property.

Trust Southern Tree Pros to Safely Remove Your Trees

At Southern Tree Pros we pride ourselves on being the premier tree removal service in the Atlanta, GA area. Our highly skilled team of arborists are second to none when it comes to insight, experience, and value. Whether you need a single tree removed or a complete yard overhaul, you can trust us to get the job done right.

All of our arborists are professionally trained and ISA certified. Having certified arborists handle your tree maintenance is essential when it comes to the final look and safety of your yard or property. A certified arborist is someone who has training in the art and science of tree care. That includes planting, caring for, and maintaining different types of trees. Our professionals have the experience and skills to get you the best results for your home or business.

Reasons for Tree Removal

Tree removal is not always ideal but it is sometimes necessary. If trees become a threat to your home or business due to its condition or position it is crucial to have them properly removed by a trained arborist. Our professionals will assess your trees and make necessary recommendations for removal to ensure your safety.

Trees may need to be removed if they are:

  • Damaged
  • Diseased
  • Dying
  • Impeding construction
  • Has structural problems
  • At risk of falling on your home or business

Residential and Commercial Tree Removal in Atlanta, GA

One of the biggest things that differentiates us from other tree service companies is our attention to detail. We work hard to ensure that your trees and lawn meet our highest standards. That means no unwanted roots, stumps, or branches left behind. We use the highest quality equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We have hundreds of happy and loyal customers across the Atlanta area thanks to our unwavering commitment to high standards and fantastic customer service.

Whether you need tree removal for your residence or commercial property in the Atlanta area, Southern Tree Pros has you covered. Contact us today for a free quote and to learn more about our tree care services. Our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to serving you!


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Our company provides a range of services that covers everything from small residential tree maintenance jobs to large commercial projects. Our Atlanta tree service staff is fully trained and equipped to meet your needs.

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