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If you are at that time when your yard needs sprucing up, it is imperative to get the help of a professional tree service company. For the best tree services in Sandy Springs, GA, no one does it better than Southern Tree Pros.

Not only do we provide a wide variety of services, but we also have a lot of experience delivering our services. So, if you are looking to get some trees cut down or pruned up, we are the right people to get the job done.

As your local tree service experts in Sandy Springs and the general Atlanta area, we offer incomparably attentive and friendly services, while paying close attention to the details that others may overlook. Whether you are in need of tree trimming, tree care services, stump removal, or emergency tree removal, Southern Tree Pros services will handle it for you in a safe and professional manner.

What is more, our services are among the most affordable in Atlanta without compromising the quality of our services. So, do not shy away from calling us because, with our services, you can never go wrong and neither will you break the bank.

Why Choose Us?

There are several reasons why you should seek the expertise of our experienced team at Southern Tree Pros. Perhaps a dead tree could be posing a threat to your commercial or residential property. Maybe an untrimmed tree is growing out of control or maybe you just need some wood chips.

Whatever the reason, we are well-versed and equipped to handle any situation. We ensure that you are a happy customer no matter the size of the job. Our commitment to delivering the best tree services in Fulton County, Johns Creek, Sandy Springs, GA, and other nearby towns is unequivocal.

Our Reputation and Work Ethics Matter to Us

It is important to work with a professional tree service company that you can trust. At Southern Tree Pros, we are licensed and fully insured. This means we carry general liability, umbrella, workers compensation, and comprehensive automobile insurance. Therefore, when you call in our tree services experts or arborists, you do not need to be concerned about a thing.

Also, we have deep roots in our local community and really value your opinion about the quality of our tree services. After all, it is what keeps us in business. So, we would appreciate the chance to work with you and show you why a lot of local residents entrust us with all of their tree services requirements.

Stump Grinding Services in Sandy Springs, GA

Southern Tree Pros is a pioneer when it comes to trees services in Atlanta and the surrounding area. Among the services we offer, stump grinding is one of our specialties. Tree stumps can be unsightly and present a hazard that can lead to a host of insurance problems. Also, they can devalue property if you intend to sell.

Our stump grinding services ensure that all the remaining wood is professionally removed. This leaves no usable material. Many commercial property owners and homeowners make use of our services for various reasons. Not only do unaddressed tree stumps diminish the aesthetics but they can cause plumbing damage if they sprout. For these reasons, you should contact us for professional and affordable tree stump grinding and removal.

Crane-Assisted Tree Care in Sandy Springs, GA

Sandy Springs is among the most unique cities due to its thick canopy of trees. Almost half of the city is well-covered by trees. These healthy trees provide shade during the hot summers in Sandy Springs in addition to enhancing the curb appeal. Trees require maintenance and care to stay healthy. They need regular health inspection, trimming, and pruning to thrive, otherwise, they risk dying due to pest infestation.

For this reason, we at Southern Tree Pros offer crane-assisted tree care. Our certified arborists use their expertise to evaluate whether a crane is needed tree care. We usually use cranes to avert damage to your home or commercial property. In some instances, we use pulley and rig systems for more effectiveness. However, we recommend and use cranes because they are safer, especially when performing an emergency tree removal.

Sandy Springs Tree Services

Sandy Springs is still susceptible to tropical storms even though the city is not in the coastal region of Georgia. So, strong winds often cause damage like falling trees and branches. This can lead to property damage and road blockages. We have different effective equipment and expert staff to handle such emergencies. This is where our crane-assisted affordable tree removal services come in handy.

Whether you are a business or homeowner, you should give Southern Tree Pros a call if you have been affected by a fallen tree and would like it professionally removed. Call (770) 841-1684 today to get the best tree services in Sandy Springs, GA.


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