Who Is Responsible for Tree Limbs on Power Lines in Georgia?

Heavy rains and blustering winds put tremendous pressure on trees and overhanging branches during storms. The risk of electrocution, fire, and fallen tree limbs increases when overgrown plants or trees get too close to service lines. But who’s responsible for trimming trees entwined in power lines? Tree services in Milton, GA, offer affordable tree trimming services to remove dangerous trees or tree limbs entangled in power lines. Professional tree trimming and pruning arborists have the experience, tools, and training to resolve tree branch hazards safely. 

Who Is responsible for Tree Limbs on Power Lines?

No property owner should ever risk their health and safety by attempting to trim trees close to power lines. Without the proper equipment or training, trees near power lines risk catching on fire and breaking distribution lines. Your local electric utility company has to remove hazardous tree limbs to comply with the American National Standards Institute and the International Society of Arboriculture. Tree trimming professionals understand the safety measures required to protect trees from decay and prevent personal injury during trimming procedures. 

What Are The Risks of Trimming Trees That Are Close to Power Lines?

The risks associated with trimming trees near power lines include the following: 

  • Electrocution
  • Fire
  • Broken tree limbs
  • Electrical arcing 
  • Damaged trees

Electricity can arc through tree branches when tree limbs come in contact with high-voltage power lines. Electrical arcs consist of electricity that transfers from one connection to another. Trees conduct electricity rather effectively due to their high water content and sap. Electrically charged trees pose deadly safety risks for anyone standing near them. Protect your neighborhood and family by finding who is responsible for tree limbs on power lines in Georgia.

Once the branches of trees get too close to power lines, the structural integrity of tree branches diminishes, and the risk of fires and fallen branches increases. Especially in highly wooded areas, large-scale fire damage from entwined tree branches and power lines requires professional assistance. 

Benefits of Contacting Local Tree Trimming Services

Improved Tree Health

Trimming trees away from power lines requires more than simply sawing away bothersome branches. Trained professionals utilize advanced techniques to preserve your tree’s health and remove safety hazards. Cutting branches at natural shedding points and areas around the trunk promotes healthy tree growth and new, less invasive branches to emerge. Directional trimming and pruning of lateral branches allow trees to continue to flourish after the completion of tree trimming services.

Increased Safety 

DIY tree trimming projects result in property damage, personal injury, and poor tree health. Expert tree trimmers have trained for years to learn the proper techniques for working with trees. Tools such as loppers, chainsaws, aerial lifts, and pole pruners require special training to operate safely. Plants or trees hastily cut decrease their lifespan and permanently harm vegetation. 

Effective Results 

When storm season races into Georgia, you’ll be pleased you hired a professional tree trimming service. When heavy rain and wind affect tree branches overhanging power lines, power outages readily occur. Professional tree trimming services prepare your property for Mother Nature and provide safe, practical solutions to remove tree limbs from power lines. 

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