Ten Trees That Don’t Lose Leaves

Trees offer many benefits, but some people don’t like when they start shedding dead leaves during the fall or winter season. Fortunately, evergreen trees don’t lose their green leaves (although they aren’t always green). Instead, they retain their green color throughout the year, continuing photosynthesis.

Below are ten trees that don’t lose leaves when the seasons change. If you want to learn more about the differences between evergreen and deciduous trees or how to take care of them, enlist the help of experts by scheduling tree service in Milton, GA.

1. Butia Capitata

Also called Apricot Palm, this tree features tall bluish leaves that can add vibrant color to your yard. In addition, this tree can survive temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit. However, you should only plant this tree in a mild climate where it can reach full sunlight.

2. Chamæcyparis

Many people like to plant a chamæcyparis or two in their gardens. You can use this tree as a hedge or place it in a partly shady area. While available in various sizes, shapes, and colors, exercise caution when pruning. 

3. Eleagnus

This tree requires more maintenance than others on this list. Although not as hardy as other trees, it’s still low maintenance, featuring drought resistance and reducing water loss. 

Property owners typically incorporate this tree into their hedges. Besides blending into your property, its flowers can sometimes blossom into fruits. Some varieties even feature edible fruits, making the Elaeagnus an unexpected delight. 

4. Portuguese Laurel

This type of Prunus tree grants you a gorgeous ornamental shrub. However, one disadvantage of the Portuguese Laurel is its slow growth. 

5. Arbutus

Your typical arbutus will grow between 15 and 24 feet tall. The arbutus has many ornamental aspects that attract property owners. During autumn, this tree sports many red berries that can turn into delicious fruits later in the season. 

For mild climates, this tree requires little maintenance. In other environments, however, the arbutus may not thrive. 

6. Calocedar

Many trees that don’t lose leaves are relatively small. The calocedar, however, is far from tiny, reaching 90 to 125 feet tall. This tree goes by many other names as well, like: 

  • California White Cedar
  • Thuja
  • Incense Cedar

You can use the tree’s bark for incense or admire its shiny and dark green foliage year-round. 

7. Boxwood 

As another small tree, the minimum boxwood height is around 15 feet, and it can max out at 24 feet. One advantage of boxwood is that you can easily sculpt it into various shapes. For this reason, boxwood is popular as a hedge. 

8. Mimosa 

During winter, a mimosa sports a lovely fragrance and blooming yellow leaves. This tree doesn’t do well in northern climates but thrives in mild coastal regions. 

9. Pittosporum

You can find over 60 species of this type of tree, with some varieties reaching heights of 60 feet. Starting in spring, this tree displays a lovely white color, followed by dark purple flowers appearing in clusters. 

10. Sequoia

You probably won’t be planting a sequoia since this coniferous evergreen tree can reach up to 300 feet. At this impressive height, many consider the sequoia the tallest tree in the world. 

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