Tree Maintenance


As trees grow they need constant maintenance to protect themselves and your property. Continue reading to learn more why it is important to prune and maintain your trees health.

Promoting New Growth
Once a tree starts getting past its first years of growth they will tend to need some pruning. Some of the branches on a tree can die, become diseased, or break. To prevent these parts from falling on your property or infecting other areas of the tree we recommend removing these branches. By clearing away these problem areas, you can help eliminate potential hazards for your home and landscape. At the same time this will help new growth on the tree.

Overall Health
When trees are left without any maintenance they can become more of a liability. Trees will begin to grow over structures, landscapes, or vehicles and tend to become a hazard. Yearly maintenance and selective pruning will solve this problem. Whether a weight reduction or raising of the canopy will help with these issues. When a tree’s canopy is too thick with leaves and branches, this can affect the plant’s health by preventing enough sunlight from reaching where it should. We suggest thinning of the canopy to help. We recommend that property owners have their trees maintained regularly.

Protecting People’s Properties
Having trees on your property can boost its value, add beauty, and provide shade. At the same time some branches need to be removed for the safety of the people and property they cover.

Saving Your Trees
Being in Atlanta with the storms we have they can really damage are trees. When left alone, damaged trees can be a hazard for people and your property. If these trees are not tended to can leave the tree open to diseases and eventually to the tree dying. Once a storm comes through you should call us to come evaluate your trees and make sure they are all healthy and safe.

JANUARY 8, 2020


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