Tree Care in Georgia: This Is How to Trim Trees

Did you know there are 268 trees native to Georgia? Chances are if you own property in the great southern state of Georgia, you have at least a few trees to take care of. Trees aren’t like house plants in that they are much easier to look after, but they do need care just the same.

If you are looking for information on how to trim trees, you came to the right place. This handy little guide will help you through it. Come along and let’s get tree trimming.

Why Trim a Tree?

There are three main reasons to trim a tree: aesthetics, safety, or for the health of the tree. Take a look at the trees on your property and see if any of the following conditions apply.

Does the Tree Look Nice?

Pruning a tree can give it a more healthy shape and appearance. Careful not to cut the tree into an unnatural shape or size as you could easily damage the tree.

Does the tree have many dead branches? If so you may want to cut them off. This will not only improve its appearance but also give the tree more room to breathe, so to speak.

Sometimes the tree is simply in the way, blocking your view or home project. Rember to get a permit before removing a tree legally in the state of Georgia.

Is the Tree a Safety Concern?

Serious injury or even death caused by falling trees and branches is far more common than you might think. Only recently a TikTok star was killed by a falling tree after a gust of wind took it down.

If a tree is sickly or dead, the chances of it falling greatly increase. If you have such a tree near your home, you might want to consider having the tree removed.

Is the Tree Healthy?

Often times an ailing tree can be saved by pruning the diseased branches before the infection spreads further. Branches of a tree sometimes grow into each other which can create problems for the health of the tree. One of the branches should be removed so the other can grow strong.

How to Trim Trees

Tree pruning isn’t rocket science but there are certain ways to do it safely and not harm the tree. When learning how to prune trees, the most important thing to remember is to never cut off too much. A tree that gets over pruned will often die on you.

Don’t remove the largest branches unless you have a very good reason. Branches that are thicker than 10 centimeters are important for the health of the tree.

It is best to remove small, younger branches in order for the tree to recover quickly. Depending on the species of tree, it is sometimes best to trim the tree during its dormant season. When in doubt consult a tree trimming and removing professional.

Tree Care in Georgia

Learning how to trim trees before you start hacking away is important. Although they are strong, trees are living things and can be weakened and even killed when pruned. Nevertheless, in many cases, it is needed.

Follow the above guidance and practice general caution to avoid harming the tree more than you have to. For all your tree care needs, don’t hesitate to contact us as our professional tree service staff is standing by to help.


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