Tips & Techniques For Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree trimming and pruning will enable your tree’s appearance to look at its best, sustain its healthy growth, and prevent them from posing any safety risks.

Trees come in many forms, shapes, sizes, maintenance needs, and growth patterns and behaviors. You should learn about different tree species before starting to cut down any branches.

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You can also be part of millions of Americans who hire tree pruning professionals every year. Proper tree maintenance should protect you, your family, and your visitors from falling and hanging branches. You’ll also boost your home’s curb appeal and natural appearance.

Below are tips and techniques for tree pruning and trimming:

Trim Away Branches When Your Trees Are Young

It is easier to cut or work with trees when they’re young. You will also find it easy to minimize any damaging risks. Removing thicker or older tree branches can easily damage the shape or the whole tree.

Identify Tree Species

It is important you identify the type of species for all the trees on your property. All trees come from two families namely evergreen and deciduous. These families have specific tree biology needs and behaviors that require them to be trimmed and pruned differently.

Evergreen Trees

These trees remain green most of the year and you’ll also find that they have visible leaves all the time. When they lose few leaves, they replace them immediately.

Deciduous Trees

These type of trees lose their foliage during winter and dry seasons but regrow them during the month’s summer.

You’ll need proper information and training to deal with different types of trees when trimming and pruning.

Only Remove Branches That Resemble V-Shape And Leave U-Shaped Branches

V-shaped or narrow-shaped branches are weaker and should be removed instead of leaving them to break on their own which is hazardous. U-shaped branches are strong and should be left alone. You should hire certified arborists for tree trimming and pruning services if the V-shaped or dead wood branches are too risky to cut them down.

V-Shape And Leave U-Shaped Branches

Prune Trees During Dormant Season

It is best if you trim and prune your trees during the dormant seasons. But there are some specific occasions where you won’t have to follow this schedule. For example, you should cut down or prune your trees if you have seen dead, decaying, and/or diseased limbs no matter the season. You can hire tree experts for their pruning and trimming services for safe and more complex work.

Be Aware With The Size Of Your Branches

If you want to cut down your branches with no difficulties, know their sizes. Experts recommend that you should avoid cutting branches that are thicker than five inches in their diameter. You should also avoid branch removal of normal or low lying limbs that are more than 10 inches in their diameter since this could easily lead to damage to the tree. If cutting the branches look difficult or dangerous, hire tree trimming and pruning services providers

Remove Branches That Are Overgrowing

You should conduct regular maintenance especially to cut those tree branches that overhang and grow towards other trees. This will ensure the trees are growing properly and your regular landscape care will make your yard appealing.

Poor pruning can damage your trees for their entire lifetime. These tips will enable you to care for your trees where you can and in more difficult situations, let the tree trimming and pruning experts handle the job. Below are other tips that will enable you to give proper care to your trees:

  • Encourage the growth of side branches to grow from angles that are around 30% vertical.


  • Always make sure your tools are sharpened before use. Dull cutting can sometimes make unnecessary damage to the trees.


  • Always check and conduct regular pruning to avoid low limbs which are storm hazards.


  • Wound or tree dressing may actually slow your tree’s healing process.


  • Don’t get rid of foliage at a rate that is greater than 25%.


  • If a tree job requires you to go within 10 feet from the power line, call tree experts to handle the work.


  • If the leaves’ canopy is very dense, conduct tree trimming and pruning work to improve sunlight and minimize decay.


Pruning Techniques

Proper pruning is guided by a scientific approach through the physiological life of trees that aid in improving the structure and health of the tree. Some of the common pruning techniques are:

Crown Lifting/Raising

These cuttings are common when you cut branches from the lower or bottom area to pave a comfortable way for buildings, pedestrians, vehicles, or for timber production through the clearing of stems. Smaller branch removal will help you lessen tree stress and it should not be lifted to a height that exceeds a third of its own.

Crown Clean

These involve the removal of material or branches that have grown on the crown of your tree. Other parasitic plants might also crawl to the tree crown as well as other tree branches.

Crown Clean


This is pruning of certain species of the tree in your yard to pollard heads. Pruning of more trees will form pollard knuckle. Pollard is a common term used to describe the clearing of large trees and managing them as pollards.

Get The Right Tools

Once you get aware of your tree trimming and pruning needs and requirements, using common tools and techniques will be the next thing to do. These tools are:

Pruning Clippers

These are especially important for minor pruning. Pruning clippers are available in numerous sizes, you’ll have to choose the correct size of your unit that matches the sizes of the branches in your yard.

Pruning Clippers

Hedge Pruner

You’ll need this tool for hedge pruning. You will pruning using this tool to cut big hedges very fast and get results that are cosmetic.

Chainsaw Or Pole Saw

These tools are even preferred by professional tree experts because of their ability to trim big pieces of branches without any difficulty.

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Contact us today and let us help you take good care of your trees which are important aspects of your property. Your tree’s health determines a lot about its future growth.


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