Things to Consider While Hiring Emergency Tree Services in Alpharetta, GA

After a major storm, homeowners scramble to clean up the mess around their properties. Tree care services are among the people you may contact to remove fallen trees and help with tree pruning, removal, and storm cleanup. Below are useful tips to help you find and hire the right emergency tree services in Alpharetta GA.

1. Written estimates

A professional tree removal service will come over, check the damaged tree, provide a written estimate and go over the details with you. It’s always good to work with a tree service that provides written estimates of any tree removal and storm cleanup. A detailed quote gives you a good idea of how much you’re paying and for what. The estimate also helps you avoid surprise charges when the job is done. Never hire anyone who makes verbal assurance. If anything goes wrong, it’s going to be your word versus theirs. So, allow their tree experts to assess the damaged trees before asking for a free price estimate.

2. Safety

Nothing is as stressful as dealing with a fallen tree after a storm clears. You want to work with a tree service with a safety-first approach to emergency tree services. Check out their safety rules and procedures. Ensure the tree removal company has certified tree care experts that adhere to safety standards. The best tree care services usually have every tool or machinery to handle the emergency job. Ground personnel should also wear helmets while climbers should use the safety and climbing gear, including steel toe boots, climbing ropes, and a saddle. Anything less should raise a red flag, especially if they bring just a ladder. You want to make sure the personnel and your property are safe from damage.

3. Experience

Next, find out how much experience the tree company has, especially with emergency tree services. A company that has been in business for years likely has the experience and expertise to handle emergency tree removals and storm cleanups thoroughly. You can ask about specific incidents to the issue at hand. Say if you have an oak tree that’s fallen on your property or too close to the powerline. Hiring a company that often handles your type of emergency or issues can help you avoid a disaster or loss.

4. License and Insurance

When looking for professional tree removal services, you want to make sure you hire a licensed and insured company to protect yourself and your property. Ask for a copy of their insurance certificate to confirm adequate coverage. A license shows that a tree business is legitimate, serious, and operating within industry regulations. Insurance coverage – liability and worker’s compensation – protect you from necessary claims to your homeowner’s coverage. If the tree care personnel causes damage to your property when trimming or removing trees, their insurance company will pay for the damage. Similarly, the company’s employees are covered by worker’s compensation, which takes the liability off of you.

5. Reputation

We believe that a tree company is just as good as its last review. Visit the company’s website and check the latest testimonials or reviews. See what customers say about the tree care company and the quality of their professional tree services. Yelp, Facebook, and Google reviews can provide a little insight into what type of company you’re dealing with. You can reach out to some customers to get their verdict about a tree company they used, and you’re now considering tree pruning in Atlanta area. There’s a good chance you’ll learn something useful about the tree services from their personal experiences, good or bad.

6. Equipment

Emergency tree removal and general tree care are easier when a company has the right tools for the job. Work with a company with all the essential tools to complete the tree trimming, removal, and storm cleanup in Alpharetta, GA. Chippers, flatbeds, chainsaws, and chipper trucks are some of the basic equipment you can expect a tree service to have. Cutting equipment needs to be sharp to efficiently cut down a dying or falling tree.

7. Duration of job

Emergency tree removals and storm cleanups have a start and end date. How long the project takes depends on the complexity of the job. If you have a large tree that’s come down completely, it will take longer to remove than, say, just trimming broken branches. Ask the tree service to give you a specific date. If a company provides a shorter timeline, they either don’t understand the job or cut corners and do shoddy work. It’s equally important to know how quickly the Alpharetta tree service can embark on your project. Some tree companies are booked out for a long time. If there’s a severe storm that causes extensive damage to your property, the wait could be longer than you’d want.

8. Work approach

Any tree company worth its salt in sandy springs, John’s creek, and nearby towns will have a particular work method. Find out how your tree company intends to tackle your project. Knowing what approach a company uses can help you find if the tree company is a good fit. If you’d like to save your partly damaged tree, but the company won’t entertain the idea, you might want to look for help elsewhere. It can also help you spot companies that don’t know what they’re doing. If most tree services take the same approach, but another wants to do something drastic, that’s a red flag.

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Emergency tree removal and storm cleanup are daunting tasks that require the help of a professional. The stakes can be higher if trees are close to a powerline or fallen on your property. Hiring a company with the right experience credentials and following industry regulations will give you peace of mind. Southern Tree Pros has certified arborists with lots of experience in tree care and removals. Using their expertise and the best tools, they can remove trees and clear the mess after a nasty storm. Call (770) 841-1684 to schedule a tree inspection or request a free written estimate.


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