How to Protect Trees in the Summer: Three Tips

Georgia’s hot summer months can take a toll on your trees over time. Temperatures often surpass 90 degrees and droughts can occur throughout the season, making it crucial to protect your trees until colder temperatures arrive. However, most Atlanta residents don’t know how to protect their trees in the summer, putting them at severe risk.

Fortunately, Southern Tree Pros is here to teach you how to protect your trees during the heat of summer so they can continue to enhance your property regardless of the temperature.

Southern Tree Pros is Atlanta’s certified arborist. We offer first-class tree care services that will give new life to your trees to ensure they remain healthy and robust throughout the year. If you need professional tree care in Atlanta or the surrounding area, contact Southern Tree Pros.

Protecting Trees in the Summer: Best Practices

Although most southern trees can withstand relatively high temperatures without issue, they all have their limits. Exceedingly hot temperatures can stunt growth and even kill some trees in severe cases, requiring you to take swift action before summer temperatures take hold. Fortunately, you can protect your trees in the summer using the tips and tricks below.

1. Water Consistently

It’s no secret that trees need plenty of water to grow and thrive. However, trees need much more water during hot summer temperatures to avoid drought stress and remain healthy. Always keep your trees well-watered throughout summer and give it a bit more water than usual on excessively hot days. 

However, don’t overwater your trees since it can cause more harm than good. Overwatering can damage the root system, causing root rot that can kill the tree. You want to give the tree plenty of water without waterlogging the soil.

2. Place Mulch Around the Tree’s Base

Mulch is a fantastic gardening amendment that helps protect trees’ root systems by slightly reducing the soil temperature while helping the soil retain moisture. Adding a five to ten centimeter layer of mulch over their root systems will help them avoid drought shock while protecting the soil from overly hot temperatures, preventing water evaporation.

That said, you don’t want the mulch to touch the tree’s trunk. Placing mulch too close to the tree will damage the bark and leave it susceptible to disease and pest infestations. In such cases, the use of organic pesticides can be an effective way to protect your trees without harming the environment. Always leave some room around the trunk’s base to avoid damage and ensure optimal health.

3. Fertilize

Adding high-quality fertilizer to your trees’ soil will promote healthy root growth while ensuring the tree has enough nutrients to flourish despite the high temperatures. It’s best to fertilize your tree throughout summer to keep it healthy and improve your soil quality. 

Try to find an organic fertilizer like compost and incorporate it into the soil before summer. You can also use a water-soluble fertilizer every week or so to provide the tree with additional nutrients that will help the tree maintain its health in extreme temperatures.

If you need help protecting your trees from Georgia’s hot summer season, contact Southern Tree Pros. Our team will keep your trees attractive and healthy throughout summer so they continue to enhance your beautiful property.

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