Winter Storm Tree Emergency Services Available in Atlanta, GA

When Atlanta winter storms hit, trees are often damaged by snow and ice, high winds and lightning strikes. Southern Tree Pros works with homeowners, businesses and municipalities to provide assistance to those affected by extreme weather events.

Southern Tree Pros is ready to help you if trees on your property are affected by strong winter storms. Their tree care specialists have proven experience working through the worst snow and ice storms that have hit Atlanta.

Southern Tree Pros is a highly skilled, equipped and rapid response contractor ready to answer your calls. Their emergency response team works round the clock and are always ready to meet your needs when you call. They have the right mix of experts, equipment, qualification and experience to handle any storm damage.  

Signs of Tree Storm Damage

Damage to Tree Limbs: After a winter storm, it is common to see trees with broken or unstable limbs as well as limbs stripped of leaves.

Abnormal Leaning: The force of the wind may cause the tree to lose its position, forcing it to lean on a nearby tree or installation.

Trunk Damage: You suddenly notice a sign of trunk wounds after an extreme weather event such as storms or hurricanes.

Falling Branches: When storms hit, tree’s branches are often at the receiving end. Even healthy branches will start succumbing to consistent assault from gale-force winds and pounding areas.

Preparing Your Landscape For Extreme Weather

While extreme weather such as storms and hurricanes are unavoidable, you can significantly reduce the impact they have on your property and trees by proactively preparing your landscape.

Trees are a substantial investment in your landscape and require proper care that matches the value they provide. When trees are properly cared for, they become less vulnerable to damage from natural disasters.

Routine maintenance tasks such as tree inspection, and tree trimming and pruning go a long way to enhance the health and look of your tree.

The experienced arborists at Southern Tree Pros are trained to detect potential risks that could result in a significant problem later on. They work with property owners to prevent storm damage by treating at-risk trees that have become weak or died.

Wondering about the benefits of a professional arborist and why you should hire one for your tree care needs? Contact the team at Southern Tree Pros today to learn more about their services. For additional information, visit their website or call (770) 841-1684.


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