Tree Service Professionals in Alpharetta Share Fall Tree Care Tips

Fall is the season of the year when leaves fall off the tree leaving them more susceptible to various diseases and pest infestations. Tree care and treatment done during the fall season go a long way in determining their growth rate and health conditions for the rest of the seasons. 

Tips For Fall Tree Care

Pruning and Trimming

Since the leaves fall off the tree completely during this period, it is easier to see the branches including any dead or diseased ones hidden within the tree foliage. These dead or diseased limbs can be identified during tree inspection by experts like Southern Tree Pros. They remove them quickly and efficiently to prevent the spread of the infestation to the healthy parts of the tree. 

Fertilizer Application and Watering

Nutrients are usually depleted in the soil during fall and need to be replenished in preparation for winter, enabling the trees to have enough nutrients to pull through the harsh weather.

Fertilizers should be applied by experienced arborists to ensure that the right amounts are added to the soil to prevent complications from over or under the application. Watering is also essential to keep the tree in good condition and raises the moisture level of the soil, helping the roots to absorb nutrients adequately. 


This involves covering the surface of the soil around the base area of the tree using dried leaves, ash and other materials. Mulching helps to conserve soil moisture and adds organic manure to the soil when degradable materials are used. The tree can also be covered with plastic for protection against cold winter weather. 

Planting New Trees 

Fall is the best time to plant trees as this is when they are most susceptible and their strength is tested. It can be used as a measure of how well the tree will perform in subsequent seasons. 

Hiring Professionals For Your Fall Tree Care in Alpharetta, GA

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