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Trees carry a lot of weight in the ecosystem. They help replenish the oxygen levels of the atmosphere while also removing carbon dioxide. They provide protection and housing for several bird species. Their benefits go on and on.

 But then there is a dark side to trees that some people are all too familiar with. They grow big and mean most times and their branches can cause considerable damage to your property if they happen to fall off. Especially in a city like Smyrna where the risks of property damage by a tornado are higher than the national average. 

In instances such as these, there are only a few options left to you regarding your trees. If the tree is not so big that it becomes hard to maintain, a pruning will do the job. In other cases, a full-blown uprooting and tree removal is necessary.

Things To Look Out For When Hiring A Tree Service Company

 If you have a tree problem, then you would want to get the best group of professionals to come solve it for you. To make sure that you are making a good choice, here are some key factors to pay attention to:

–       Are They Licensed and Certified?

You will have a better chance of having great service and value for your money if you hire tree care specialists that are licensed and certified. The company should have certified arborists in their employ, ones that work for the company full time. Additionally, make sure that the license of the company is up to date as it is illegal to run a tree care company without a license.

–       Do They Offer A Free Estimate? 

One red flag that should catch your attention about tree care experts is if they ask for payment upfront without even checking out the job. How would they know how much they should charge?

–       Customer Service

This might not seem important at first, but when you have an issue with the services rendered or even if you are trying to get an appointment, and it becomes a lesson in patience to get it, then you might find yourself rethinking your earlier stance.

–       Do They Have Insurance?

You definitely do not want to roll the dice with this one. Since the job you are hiring them for is dangerous and can go south and damage your property or the specialists themselves, then they should carry liability insurance and workers compensation insurance respectively.

–       Equipment

A serious tree care company will have proper equipment that they will use for the job. Some projects require huge vehicles and cranes, some don’t. Make sure to ask if their instrument is industry standard and if it can handle the scope of your project. 

Where To Find The Best Tree Service Experts In Smyrna, GA

For the best tree care services such as: tree removal, tree trimming and pruning, land clearing, arborist services, call the Smyrna GA Tree Service Experts. The guys at Southern Tree Pros are highly qualified and backed by several years of experience and positive customers’ feedback.


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