Tree Care Experts in Atlanta, GA, Are Available For Spring Tree Pruning

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year when the weather is gradually changing and plants are about ready to come out of their winter hibernation. This season is a great time to do some long-overdue work on trees but there are a few things to be mindful of.

Trees tend to be fragile during spring, and any vigorous trimming or pruning may have long-term detrimental effects on the trees. A gentle hand and the right expertise go a long way. This is why employing professionals for any spring pruning activity is a good idea.

Benefits of Spring Pruning

Spring pruning is an activity that some people might not be a fan of but one that comes with quite a few advantages. Here are some of them:

  • An excuse for a trip outdoors

Spring pruning is one of the few gardening activities that can be done in the spring. After being cooped up all winter, going outdoors to work on trees and breathe the crisp spring air could be quite refreshing.

  • Improved Tree Health

This is a major advantage of spring pruning. Because the majority of this particular process is removing dead, dying, and decaying branches, it relieves the trees of the burden of carrying all that “dead weight”. It also serves to stop the disease from spreading to other parts of the tree which ultimately produces a healthier tree.

  • Better Tree Structure

Trees do sometimes get overgrown and scraggly with errant branches and leaves flying everywhere. Pruning such trees improves the structure of not only the tree but the landscape as well. Pruning also guides the future growth of the tree, which means the tree will be better looking a few months down the line.

  • Better Access To Nutrients and Sunlight

Pruning reduces the foliage and leaves on a tree which in turn exposes a greater portion of the tree to sunlight and air. These are two important nutrients required for the proper growth and health of a tree.

Finding The Best Tree Care Service In Atlanta, GA

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