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Tree removal is often a last resort as professional arborists will do their best to save a tree no matter how bad the situation. However, some trees just have to go if they pose a risk to your life and property. 

These are risks that result from years of poor maintenance, storm damage, utility line problems, and insects and diseases. 

Why Should You Use a Tree Removal Service? 

1. Construction or Land Improvement

During major construction work, land clearing is important to clear the site of any obstacles or unwanted materials. Trees and stumps are usually part of them.

This is a project that requires the expertise of a professional tree removal company to carry out. 

2. Dead Trees

Dead trees are by far some of the most hazardous. A dead tree will attract insects and diseases, and put your loved ones at risk by falling when you least expect it to. 

3. Diseased Trees

A diseased tree that can no longer be treated is best removed before it destroys other trees and shrubs in your landscape. 

When removing a diseased tree, removing the stump is also recommended. An infected stump is as bad as an infected tree. 

4. Storm Damage

Storms leave your yard messy and after a quick walk around your yard, you can immediately tell that you need a tree removal service. 

A professional tree removal service will remove broken, split and fallen trees  

5. Decaying Roots

Decaying roots is a telltale sign that the structural integrity of the tree is compromised and may not take time before it falls.

Southern Tree Pros will inspect your tree to ensure that removal is the best option for it. 

6. Utility Line 

If your tree constantly grows into the power line even with consistent pruning, you should consider removing it and maybe replacing it with a shorter species. 

If your tree has fallen over electrical lines, the right thing is to inform a tree removal company with experience dealing with this. Avoid touching the tree or going close to it 

Work with the Best Tree Removal Service in Atlanta

Southern Tree Pros is a licensed and insured full-service tree care company providing quality and certified tree services for residents of Atlanta. 

Their experts have the experience and equipment to carry out safe tree removal and maintenance services, meeting the unique needs of every tree and keeping your property safe. 

For your tree removal service and other tree care, contact Southern Tree Pros at (770) 841-1684 or visit their website.


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