Smyrna Tree Company Offers Tree Risk Assessments To Clients

While every tree has the potential to fail, some are more dangerous than the other. To limit tree-related hazards, it’s recommended to regularly assess trees for risk. Smyrna Tree Company is happy to offer honest tree risk assessment services in Smyrna, GA and its surrounding areas. The team of experts at Southern Tree Pros are recognized for their expertise and ability to apply cutting-edge technique to provide solutions that keep your trees in perfect condition.

Why Is Tree Risk Assessment Important?

Although trees are an important part of the environment, they can also be dangerous. A tree or its parts may fall and cause injury to people or damage to property. Identifying common tree defects that may indicate tree risk at the earliest stage is an important step to protect you, your household and property against potential harm.

As a leading tree care expert, Southern Tree Pros carefully assess the potential for tree failure, advise homeowners of the consequences of the failure and recommend the proper measures to prevent and abate the identified failures.

What Are The Common Signs of Tree Risk?

  • Tree growing adjacent to electrical line
  • Presence of large, dead branches in the tree
  • Tree has cavities or rotten wood along the trunk or in major branches
  • Mushrooms present at the base of the tree
  • Branches are beginning to fall from the tree

 What Does Tree Risk Assessment Involve?

Tree risk assessment begins with the following basic steps:

Inspection tree periodically

All trees, regardless of species or age, have risk associated with them. Therefore, every homeowner must see it as a duty to regularly maintain and inspect their trees to ensure that the trees are in good shape. Regular inspection allows you to discover the defect at the earliest stage before the condition becomes serious, posing threats to you and your household. 

Schedule tree work

If you observe any unnatural development in your tree or strange activities around it, it’s best to schedule a tree risk assessment work with an expert arborist who will be able to thoroughly inspect your tree and recommend maintenance needs. While working towards a long term solution, an expert will prioritize your safety and then your tree’s health.  

Want to find out more about how Southern Tree Pros can help you to minimize tree hazard? Visit their official website or call 770-841-1684.


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