Smyrna Tree Care Experts Offer Fall Trimming Tips

Trees are beautiful and valuable assets, and it is imperative that they be cared for properly to maintain their beauty and functionality. An important aspect of tree care, fall trimming addresses potential issues before the fierce fury of winter arrives, protecting against harmful ice and snow. Proper fall tree care can also ensure that the tree is in optimal health when spring growth arrives.

Most trees lose their leaves in the autumn, allowing the arborist to more easily observe the work to be done. The tree should be carefully inspected for decay, defects, dead and dying branches, fungal growth, and other potential issues. These areas should be trimmed away to prevent further damage during winter weather.

Because decay and dead areas may be easily observed, they can be dealt with immediately. However, fungal growth or infection may be more difficult to spot. Oozing sap or unusual cracking of the bark may indicate potential concerns, and should be investigated and delt with accordingly. Wind, storm, or other natural damage, such as cracked or free hanging branches, should also be trimmed.

Insect infestations and disease are other fall tree care concerns. If a tree is diseased or infested, it may appear to be sound, but may actually be quite weak within. Trees in these conditions present the danger of falling onto nearby buildings, or onto nearby humans or animals. The spread of the disease to other nearby trees is also probable, and the diseased area should be removed to prevent this from occurring.

During a fall inspection and maintenance, each issue should be dealt with in an appropriate fashion. Fall trimming provides the perfect opportunity to protect the tree from any concerns, and offers protection to nearby plant life. Proper fall maintenance also allows the tree to be in optimum health when spring arrives, nurturing its natural ability for new growth and recovery from winter’s harm.

Southern Tree Pros serves the Smyrna, GA community, offering the best in both quality and customer service. With the experience and credentials to accomplish the job correctly, the full-service tree care company can meet all of their clients’ fall trimming needs. With quick and efficient work, they allow their clients comfort and peace of mind, while meeting all of their arbor needs in the finest possible way.

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