Certified Arborists Offer Tree Risk Assessment In The Atlanta, GA Area

Tree risk assessments are overall evaluations of the condition of a tree by a tree care expert using ISA certified methods to determine tree health and possibilities for failure or corrections. This allows you to know the condition of your trees, the next line of action and if they need to be removed quickly to prevent hazards to life and property.

Another major reason why tree risk assessments are vital is that trees cannot be removed without a tree removal permit and one condition before a permit can be granted is tree risk assessment by a certified arborist. By default, Southern Tree Pros qualify in both regards. 

Factors Considered During A Tree Risk Assessment

Tree History

The tree history includes records on the maintenance routine of the tree, failed branches and previous diseases and conditions. This is very important to determine the present condition of the tree and the likelihood of failure. The presence of pests and diseases are also put into consideration.

Tree Vigour

The health and strength of the tree are necessary to determine its performance and the risks it might pose in the environment. A thorough examination of the tree features can give detailed information on the condition of the health of the tree. 

Crown Density

The crown density goes a long way to determine the overall health of a tree. The crown of a tree is the top of the tree after the trunk. A thinning crown with scanty branches or leaves shows poor growth and the likelihood of failure of a tree. Also, a tree with a relatively large crown to stem ratio is likely to fail since the stem may not be able to withstand the width of the branches in windy conditions. 

Species Profile

The species of the tree is also important in accessing its risks. The root system, susceptibility to pests and diseases as well as nutritional requirements can be obtained from the species profile. It is used to compare the relative performance of the tree and the risk of failure. 

Where To Find Certified Arborists For Tree Risk Assessments in Atlanta, GA

Southern Tree Pros is an ISA certified, fully licensed and insured tree care company that provides top-rated tree services in Atlanta and neighbouring areas at competitive prices. Their team of arborists provides you with all the tree assessment, removal and management services you need, carrying out the job effectively and efficiently.

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