Certified Arborists in Atlanta Offer Tree Care Tips for Upcoming Fall Season

Fall is an important season to prioritize your trees’ well-being, as this is the season to prepare them for the harsh winter weather. Simple actions, such as watering or pruning, can keep your trees healthy and prepare them for winter.

Southern Tree Pros is a reputable tree service in Atlanta with tree care experts available to provide your trees with needed care and attention to keep them healthy during fall and beyond.

Simple Tips to Keep Your Trees Healthy During Fall

Mulching and Fertilizer

You can help your tree by applying mulch and fertilizer to your soil. Mulching protects the soil around your tree, while fertilizers provide your tree with nutrients. Mulching and fertilizing your tree will keep them hydrated and firm.

Regular Watering

Your tree needs moisture to survive winter draught. Help your tree by providing it with enough water during fall. Water your trees regularly during early fall, before it starts to snow.

Inspect for  Pests and Infections

Inspect your trees regularly in the fall and beyond to discover infections before they spread quickly. Have an arborist inspect your trees for diseases and treat them if there are any.

Prune Dead and Diseased Branches: 

Remove all dead and diseased branches from your trees before they fall off or infect the entire tree. Pruning also helps your tree maintain an excellent structure. However, remember to have an arborist do you fall pruning to avoid damaging your tree.

Cabling and Bracing

Cabling and bracing support and strengthen weak branches on your tree and prevent them from falling or destroying the entire tree during winter storms. Protect all vulnerable trees and limbs during fall to prepare them for winter.

Hire Expert Arborists for Your Fall Tree Care Needs in Atlanta, GA.

Southern Tree Pros is a tree care service in Atlanta, GA., with certified and experienced arborists committed to providing their customers with excellent tree care services.

They provide a wide range of tree care services, such as pruning, land clearing, stump grinding, emergency tree services, and hauling.

Southern Tree pros have a reputation for always satisfying their customers’ needs and providing excellent customer care, you simply cannot go wrong with them.

To make inquiries about their services, speak to a tree care specialist at  Southern Tree Pros at 770-841-1684 or visit their website.


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