Arborist Offers Tree Removal Permit Help In Cobb County GA

Sometimes, trees become a liability and need to be removed. This is usually the case when a tree gets so large that the branches become dangerous and are liable to fall unexpectedly. Some trees could also be in the way of power lines or water pipes and need to be removed. Whatever the reason, at some point in time, removing a tree may become unavoidable.

In many states in the country, it is not permitted to remove trees without obtaining the proper licenses and permits. Getting these permits might be a tad stressful at times, but once the step-by-step process is understood, it becomes easier.

How To Get A Tree Removal Permit In Cobb County, GA

Cobb County has laws that guide the removal of trees, both healthy and dead ones. The law states that when mature trees are removed, they have to be replaced, and that live trees can only be removed on the condition that they have become a threat to properties, including houses and sheds. 

Getting a permit to remove trees is as easy as following these steps:

  • Download the Tree Removal Permit Form 
  • Fill out the downloaded form
  • Fill out all the required information like the diameter of the tree to be removed, a report from an arborist detailing the health of the tree that is to be removed, photos and species of trees to be removed, and so on
  • The duly completed form can then be mailed to the appropriate address.

The entire process can be easier if the services of an arborist is engaged. They have experience in getting licenses like this, and they will know the easiest way to get it done.

How To Find The Right Arborist In Cobb County, GA

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