Alpharetta, GA Tree Service Pros Shares Essential Fall Tree care Tips

Fall comes with beautiful weather and a cool temperature that everyone loves. You can enjoy nice evenings with your family in your yard, with your trees providing adequate coverage. But did you know fall is also the best time to take care of your trees?

In this article, Southern Trees Pros, an  Alpharetta GA Tree Service,  shares essential fall tree care practices to keep your trees healthy. 

The Best Fall Tree Care Practices

Taking care of your trees during fall has many benefits, such as preparing them for the next growing season and keeping them healthy. Some essential activities you should add to your fall tree care routine include the following:

1. Remove Fallen Leaves

Your trees will shed most of their leaves during this season. While it may be tempting to just leave them and allow them to lie around your trees, it is not healthy as that will prevent your grass from getting enough sunlight. Also, pests may hide in the fallen leaves and re-attack your trees. 

Instead, you should keep the leaves away from your trees and clean your garden. You can use them as mulch or decompose them to add nutrients to your trees.  

2. Check for Pests and Infections

Fall is the perfect time to inspect your trees’ structure since they have shed most of their leaves. You can easily see every part of your tree and identify unusual changes.

However, since you may not be able to identify signs of infections or diseases, it is best to hire a certified arborist for this step so they can identify issues and treat them immediately.

3. Apply Fertilizer

Fall fertilization is a crucial step in your fall tree care routine. Fertilizing your trees during fall will help to strengthen their roots and prepare them for spring.  

Fertilization also improves your soil nutrients. It stimulates growth in your trees and helps them to remain healthy and grow properly. 

Hire Tree Pros in Alpharetta, GA 

When it comes to fall tree care, it is best to leave it to the pros, like  Southern Tree Pros of Alpharetta, GA,  for the best results.

Southern Tree Pros is a local tree care service in Georgia, helping residential and commercial property owners to care for their trees and keep them healthy. They provide quality tree services in Alpharetta, Atlanta, Marietta, and other areas in Georgia.

Southern Tree Pros services include tree removal, land clearing, tree trimming, and general arborist service.

For more inquiries about your fall tree care, contact Southern Tree Pros at 770-841-1684 or  visit their website. 

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