3 Ways to Prevent the Spread of Disease Between Your Landscape Trees

Trees are generally beneficial to the environment but when a tree is infested with a disease, it makes the tree less valuable and beneficial. 

Many times, when a tree is infested, the disease spreads quickly to other trees on your landscape. This is why it is important to be proactive and quickly handle infested trees to prevent the spread of the disease.

Southern Tree Pros, a reliable emergency tree service in Atlanta, GA, is available to help prevent the spread of tree diseases in your landscape. 

Southern Tree Pros has a team of highly trained arborists who have a vast knowledge of trees and can help preserve them. 

3 Ways to Prevent the Spread of Disease Between Your Landscape Trees 

Depending on the tree species and the disease involved, there are various strategies involved in preventing the spread of disease from one landscape to another.  Here are some of them below:

1. Trim and Prune Affected Parts 

If you have a disease-infested tree, one way to prevent the disease from spreading to other trees on your landscape is to trim and prune off the affected parts. Tree trimming and pruning is an important tree care practice that involves the careful removal of hazardous parts of a tree. 

2. Assess Your Trees

When you notice an infected tree on your property, it is important to thoroughly assess the other trees on your property to ensure there’s been no spread. Tree diseases spread easily from one tree to another, so it is important to act quickly. 

3. Tree Removal 

Removing a disease-infected tree from your property may seem extreme however, it is the most effective method of ensuring the disease does not spread to other trees on your property. 

3 Reasons You Should Trust Southern Tree Pros to Prevent the Spread of Disease Between Your Trees

If you are in Atlanta, GA, and need a professional tree service to help prevent the spread of disease in your landscape, look no further than Southern Tree Pros. Here are three reasons you should trust it: 

1. Experience and Expertise 

Southern Tree Pros has a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who can handle any tree situation you might have.

2. Reliable Service 

Southern Tree Pros offers a variety of reliable tree services to residents and businesses in Atlanta, GA, at an affordable rate. Its services include tree trimming and pruning, emergency tree services, and tree removal. 

3. Optimal Customer Satisfaction 

If you hire Southern Tree Pros to care for your trees, rest assured that you will be optimally satisfied. 

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