Peach Tree Health: Best Maintenance Tips

Georgia is known nationwide for its peach trees, and many homeowners have a growing peach tree in their backyards. If you own a peach tree, it needs proper maintenance to stay healthy and produce delicious fruits. So today, the team at Southern Tree Pros is here with some useful peach tree health tips.

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Provide Enough Root Space

Like every kind of tree, peach trees need to establish a healthy root system, so they can grow tall and strong. If the tree does not have enough space for its roots, its growth might be stunted. Peach trees also need the right soil composition and air circulation to produce their delectable fruits. Peach trees should grow to about 15 feet tall, so make sure they have proper clearance overhead as well. 

Be sure to remove nearby vegetation when planting your peach trees. You should have at least two feet of space on all sides of the tree so its roots don’t get cluttered. The ideal soil pH for peach trees is between 6.0 and 7.0 (slightly acidic). Plants that interfere with the tree’s root system can steal vital nutrients, making it harder for the tree to grow.  

Prune Regularly

Proper pruning is an essential part of tree care for all types of trees, peach tree health included. Pruning prevents branch clutter so each branch can receive an adequate amount of sunlight. If the canopy is too thick, branches near the top can block the bottom branches from getting enough light to grow and prudence fruits. Pruning trees prevents light blockage from larger branches. 

You should prune your peach trees at least once per year in the late winter or fall when the tree is dormant. Pruning when the tree is not dormant can harm branch growth and fruit production. You can also periodically prune any deal branches to encourage new growth. 

Stick to a Watering Schedule

You should first water your peach tree immediately after planting it. The tree will need about one inch of water every week for the first year of its growth. When watering, make sure that the soil is thoroughly wet around the base of the fruit trees. 

As the peach tree matures, you can water it fewer times per year. Mature peach trees require about one inch of water every ten days—or about 30 inches of water a year. Georgia receives ample rain throughout the year, so you can often just let the rain water the tree in sufficient amounts. 

Remove Excess Peaches

In addition to removing dead and crowded branches, you’ll have to remove excess peaches from the branches, so they don’t crowd each other out. Peaches can grow in large clusters on peach trees, causing the branch to sag and reducing the final quality of the fruit. 

Thinning out peaches when they are small ensures that the existing peaches grow to be healthy, juicy, and delicious. You should also immediately remove peaches that appear to house pests or diseases, like peach leaf curl. These can spread and affect overall peach tree health. 

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