Overwatering Trees: Signs and How to Save Them

It is quite obviously detrimental to deprive a plant of water. However, overwatering both plants and trees can also cause major damage to their overall health. 

Overwatering surprisingly happens most when it’s hot outside. Because gardeners and homeowners are worried about the heat, they water more than usual. Though it is important to make sure your trees are hydrated, it’s easy to fall into overwatering habits.

If you are continuously watering your trees and they seem sick, perhaps you’re overwatering. Keep reading to learn more about overwatering trees and how to save them before it’s too late. 

Why Is Overwatering Trees Bad?

Trees take in oxygen through their roots. When you oversaturate the soil, water fills small air pockets that hold said oxygen. If tree roots cannot absorb enough oxygen to complete important processes such as photosynthesis, the tree will stop growing. 

Roots that are constantly wet also rot. The consistent presence of moisture in soil encourages fungi to grow, which can infect the root system. Root rot prevents the roots from absorbing important nutrients and ruins the anchoring foundation of your tree. 

Signs that You Are Overwatering Your Trees

The most common signs that you are overwatering trees include:

  • Leaves that display water-soaked blistering and break easily
  • Lack of new growth or withering/yellow new growth
  • The soil or base of your tree won’t dry
  • Soil is soaked several inches beneath the surface
  • Noticeable fungal growth around the base of the tree

The most effective way to check if you’re overwatering is to look for lingering moisture on a dry day. Make sure you dig down a few inches or check the outskirts of the root system (1.5-4 times the canopy’s size) if moisture is not noticeable on the surface. 

If you’re unsure if the problem stems from overwatering or another issue, such as a disease or iron deficiency, call an expert. You can get professional tree service in Sandy Springs from Southern Tree Pros to help you determine the exact issue. 

How to Properly Water and Save Your Trees

The answer is simple: don’t water the trees until the soil entirely dries. Then follow the short guide below. 

Trees with established root systems need watering once a month. However, in summer you should water more often. When increasing the number of times that you water, decrease the volume of water used. 

Do not fertilize your trees if you are trying to save them from overwatering. Fertilizers can stop the process of healing by damaging the ends of the roots, rendering them unable to absorb nutrients. 

When dealing with newly planted trees, you should always plant with organic material, such as compost or manure, mixed with normal soil. As for watering, store-bought trees are normally a year old. Thus, they need water weekly to establish their root systems. 

If It’s Too Late to Save Your Tree…

You may need to remove it. If your tree does not stop exhibiting signs of overwatering or has already died, contact a professional tree removal service. Trees that are planted in low areas or compact soil sometimes cannot be saved. 

Affordable Tree Removal and Other Services in Atlanta, GA

If you’re looking for a tree removal service in Atlanta, GA, here is some advice on what to know before hiring a tree service company. You should always do your research to ensure you are choosing the fairest yet most affordable company for tree services. 

Southern Tree Pros can offer more advice on overwatering trees. We are a licensed and insured company that performs professional tree removal, trimming, and emergency services. Call us at (770) 841-1684 with your questions today.


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