Main Benefits of Stump Grinding in Milton, GA

Homeowners and property owners know that there is inherent value in caring for the interior and exterior of their homes, as well as the yard & landscaping around the home. Having routine maintenance done by a licensed, insured, and experienced tree service company in Milton, GA, is an important part of caring for your home. This maintenance will result in a beautiful aesthetic and a yard in which you can take pride.

In addition to regular preventive maintenance for your yard and landscaping, there may be instances when tree removal is necessary. Sometimes a torrential storm may knock over a tree which will need to be removed. Other times, a new landscaping project may require tree removal services, or a tree may have grown out of control (if proper tree trimming and tree pruning had not been done) and interfere with power lines. When tree removal services need to be completed, the result will leave a stump.

Consider Southern Tree Pros in Milton, GA, a professional stump grinding service to ensure that the stump does not interfere with your landscaping project.

What Is Stump Grinding and Removal?

When you have a tree stump left behind following emergency tree services for tree removal, you will likely want to have that stump eliminated from your landscaping. In general, most people do not care to incorporate a stump into their landscaping design and would prefer to have it removed. There are two methods of getting rid of that tree stump: grinding and removal.

Stump removal is a challenging process because it involves digging up the remains of the tree, including the potentially very deep roots. It can be very disruptive to the surrounding plants and other parts of the landscaping, so most residents do not opt for stump removal when they have a stump left over from tree removal services. It may be a better option for commercial real estate or new construction since there may not be as much landscaping to interfere with.

The option that most residents choose after tree removal is stump grinding. This tree service involves using a specialised stump grinder to grind down the remainder of the tree to several inches below the soil’s surface. This prevents the stump from causing any further problems and allows for new grass or other plants to be inserted in the stump.

Benefits of Stump Grinding Services

Whether following an emergency tree service or any other reason for tree removal, Milton landscaping experts can provide you with the stump grinding services you need. There are several benefits to expert stump grinding, including:

  • Prevent New Growth: When you opt for a stump grinding tree service, you can rest assured that the stump will not begin to sprout new growth, leading to another tree removal in the future. Both stump and roots are destroyed in the grinding process, so you do not have to worry about a regrowth issue.
  • Protect Against Disease and Pests: Stumps may look innocent enough, but they could be harboring pests and deadly diseases that could spread to the rest of your landscaping and plants. Pests often take refuge in old tree stumps and can thrive. If the tree dies of a disease, the stump will continue to have that disease. Eliminating the stump protects your yard from pests and disease.
  • Avoid Accidents: A remaining stump on your property could be a potential for accidents, especially if there are children, pets, or seniors on the property. The stump could also get in the way when mowing or doing other landscape maintenance, so having the stump ground down avoids these accidents.
  • Maintain the Aesthetics of Your Home: When you have a particular aesthetic that you want to maintain for the sake of your family and your neighbors, having a tree stump ground is a great way to improve the look of the property and increase your property value.

With these excellent benefits of stump grinding, it is wise to consider investing in this tree service from a Milton, Georgia, landscaping company you trust, such as Southern Tree Pros, for all tree care needs.

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