9 Low Maintenance Trees to Plant on Your Yard

Low-maintenance trees enhance your enjoyment of the outdoor spaces on your property. With the right soil conditions and regular watering, trees will thrive. However, even if you skip a few weeks of maintenance, trees that are drought tolerant will reward you with a verdant show.

The only question left is which trees you should plant. Southern Tree Pros, Milton’s tree service company, narrows down the wide range of easy-to-maintain trees for you below.

Japanese Maple

A Japanese Maple needs some tender care as a sapling. Plant it in any soil type that drains well, and water it regularly. However, from year two onwards, you only need to trim its branches annually and let it be.

These trees are easy-going and beautiful. Their unusual purple leaves also present an ideal addition for visual interest in any garden.

Autumn Blaze Maple

This species is a cross between the Silver and Red Maples, with leaves changing to a riotous red during fall. If you want low maintenance, this tree is a popular choice. They require a trim once a year but little else.

It’s pretty in spring and summer and absolutely gorgeous in fall—what’s not to love? 


Katsuras are similar to maples but have a smaller canopy. Other benefits of this choice include the following:

  • Ideal for a smaller garden
  • Low maintenance
  • Interesting leaf shape

The main attraction is the katsura’s coppery green leaves that darken as they mature. In fall, they turn yellow-red, adding a lovely pop of color to any landscape. Like the maples, this tree also has high disease tolerance and does well without interference. 

Green Giant Arborvitae

Do you require privacy or trees that screen your property off from others? A Green Giant Arborvitae might fit the bill. It provides dense foliage like the Leyland Cypress but is more resistant to disease. 

As an evergreen tree, it expands rapidly and requires a fair amount of space. However, if you need a fast-growing option that you don’t need to trim, you’ll love this tree.

Chinese Fringe Tree

At just 25 feet tall. The Chinese Fringe Tree is one of the best low-maintenance trees in the area. Its most notable features include the following:

  • Plenty of shade
  • Beautiful flowers
  • Highly disease-resistant

It is also an ideal addition to a sensory garden because the flowers give off a wonderful aroma.

Chinese Elm

If you are nervous about planting an American Elm because of Dutch Elm Disease, this tree makes an excellent substitute. It won’t attract beetles and can easily fight off phloem necrosis. The large tree grows up to 50 feet in most conditions.

Do you have clay soil, pollution issues, or regular drought conditions? Put a Chinese Elm on your shopping list. These trees thrive in conditions that make others wither and die. 


With beautiful lilac-colored flowers and plenty of shade, these towering trees are ideal for areas in full sunlight. They are highly resistant to drought and pests. They also provide useful mulch as the purple flowers scatter across the lawn.


With pretty white flowers and coppery leaves, the Serviceberry looks more delicate than it is. It will grow in almost any soil and tolerates the cold well. It thrives with its roots in a damp spot, so you can use it to dry out a moist patch in the garden.


The final choice would be a magnolia tree, which adapts easily to any soil types that are slightly acidic. The beautiful, fragrant flowers make a lovely show, as do the dark green leaves. 

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