5 Best Tips To Ensure A Healthy Tree

What’s the secret to a healthy tree that will last for decades? Trees are a beautiful, natural element of any urban forest landscape. They add color and texture and provide shade and protection from the elements, but they can’t do it alone.

Here are five great tips for healthier trees, as advised by Milton’s tree service professionals at Southern Tree Pros.

5 Tips to Ensure Trees Remain Healthy in Milton, GA

Check for Insects and Diseases Every Season

Our arborists will keep a tree healthy by checking it regularly for insects and diseases. For example, we could spray insecticides on the leaves or trunks of young and mature trees to eliminate lurking pests. If you notice unusual things on your tree, it is best to treat them immediately so that these pests or diseases do not spread.

Water Your Tree Properly

It’s easy to forget that all trees need water. In the summertime, we drink when we are thirsty. However, trees don’t only need water when it is hot; they need it all year round. 

What are the benefits of trees getting enough water? 

  • It keeps the tree healthy
  • It keeps leaves green and prevents drying
  • It safeguards an evergreen tree, preventing bark from cracking and splitting during cold weather

Is your tree getting enough water? Check with our professionals to find out how much it needs to maintain its size in its current location.

Don’t Forget to Fertilize the Tree at the Correct Time of Year

When your tree requires fertilizer, you can use a granular or slow-release fertilizer. Both are effective, but slow-release options are best for trees that have been in the ground for less than two years. If you are using granular fertilizer, water it well to prevent runoff.

In addition, the time of year you fertilize a tree will depend on its type and age. A timely annual fertilizer application will promote strong growth, so use it well. For example, an oak tree will need fertilizer that contains nitrogen in the springtime.

The Right Mulch Makes A Healthy Tree

What’s the best way to mulch your trees in Georgia? Ensure the soil is well-covered to protect it from the elements. Mulching trees brings the following benefits:

  • Keep your tree healthy by preventing water evaporation
  • Keeps the soil moist
  • Allows for good drainage of excess water, which can prevent root rot

The best mulch for trees would include wood chips or bark mulch, but you can also use grass clippings or shredded leaves. Don’t use anything that contains fertilizer or chemicals, as these can damage the tree’s roots.

Protect Your Tree Against Invasive Species

Invasive vegetation like ivy and honeysuckle present a major threat to the health of any tree. 

  • They prevent sunlight from reaching the tree’s roots
  • They affect the tree’s growth
  • They compete with the tree for nutrients and water
  • They weaken the tree and other plants around it

What’s the best way to avoid invasive species? Plant only native trees in your yard, and be on the lookout for invasive weeds that pop up each season. Trees native to a location also do far better than non-native trees facing invasive species.

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