Do I Need a Tree Removal Permit in Smyrna, GA?

Are you thinking of having a tree removed in Smyrna, Georgia? There are things that can tell if you need to remove it at all. You may also need a tree removal permit if you proceed with clearing it.

When should you opt for tree removal? Check out this brief guide on Georgia tree removal requirements and processes. Here is all you need to know about tree removal in your area.

Common Trees in Georgia

Identifying the species for tree removal is key in the decision to proceed with your plans. Each species will need different amounts of water, space, and nutrition. They will also differ in their propensity to illness, damage, and death.

Check out the list of native flora in the area. If the tree is ailing, you can opt to proceed with the removal or care for it instead. Proper identification can help you practice appropriate tree care in Georgia.

Reasons for Tree Removal

Here are some things to consider when deciding on tree removal:

  • The health of the tree
  • Extent of damage
  • Impediment to construction
  • Potential hazard
  • Property value
  • Ecology

For post-disaster management, call for emergency tree removal services right away. It’s best to leave the assessment to the professionals in this case.

Tree Removal Permit

There are some cases where you will need a permit for tree removal in Georgia. There will also be corresponding fees (at least $100) and requirements for the landowner.

The main factor to consider is the tree’s diameter at a point on its trunk 4 feet from the ground. This is the diameter at breast height (DBH). To measure this, you can use a caliper or a simple measuring tape.

Note the difference between the diameter and circumference! A caliper will give you the diameter, while a measuring tape will give the circumference.

When do you need a permit? You will need to secure one for all trees with a DBH of 24 inches. You won’t need a tree removal permit for those with a diameter less than 24 inches.

To secure a permit, fill out this Tree Removal Permit Application Form.

Rule: Tree Replacement

If you secure the permit, you must plant a 2-inch tree in the same genus or species on the same property. You have to do this within 60 days and then pass an arborist inspection. More fees will apply if you fail to do this.

If you want to make more informed decisions, consider hiring arborist services in Smyrna, GA. Professionals can help you assess the trees of concern. They can also give a fresh perspective about what other actions you can take.

Other Things to Keep In Mind

If a professional deems your tree as dead, dying, or hazardous, there will be no need to enforce the permit. If a tree needs a removal permit and you cut it down without one, fees and consequences may apply.

Tree Removal and Tree Care in Georgia

No local government would be lenient about tree removals. Trees play a huge role in wild ecosystems and urban areas alike. Based on the DBH of the tree, you may need to apply for a tree removal permit.

Whether you decide to remove the tree or care for it, we can help. For tree care and maintenance, removal, and emergency services in Georgia, we’ve got your back. You can reach us at here!


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