Dealing with an Ant-Infested Tree: Expert Tips

The ants walking up and down your tree trunk might seem harmless. However, this might not be the case.

It’s true that some ants can actually help your trees maintain their health. Unfortunately, there are some that can be destructive. In extreme cases, a whole colony could dominate not only your trees but your entire yard.

Do you have an ant-infested tree? Read on to learn expert tips on how to get rid of ants and safeguard your tree’s longevity.

What Type of Ants Infest Trees?

We are not the only ones drawn to trees. Ants are as well, though in a different way. They invade trees in search of food and shelter, enjoying the honeydew and sweet saps.

While there are many types of ants, there are two varieties that could pose a real problem for your trees: fire ants and carpenter ants.

Fire Ants

Fire ants, also called red imported fire ants, can be too brutal for young trees to endure. They often leave dome-shaped mounds at your trees’ base, stinging and biting whatever and whoever disturbs these mounds.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are more like vultures, infesting trees with dead or decaying wood. While the tree is already damaged by the time they nest, carpenter ants can make it challenging for the tree to recover.

Why Get Rid of Ants?

Since most types of ants don’t threaten your tree’s health, do you need to address an ant-infested tree? The short answer is yes.

As few as they are, there are still some ant species that can severely harm your tree. On top of that, ants can become a significant problem for your property if their numbers increase. For instance, carpenter ants can spread to nearby structures, causing significant damage.

How to Deal with an Ant-Infested Tree

Some might think that sealing or plugging tree cavities will do the trick. However, doing so won’t stop the damage or prevent future ant colonies.

For others, opting for tree removal service in Sandy Springs seems like a good idea. Unfortunately, the ants can always shift their colony to a different tree on your property. They might even be bold enough to move into your home.

These options are less than ideal, but there are a few that will work.

Spraying Ant Powder

One of the best ways to rid your trees of an ant infestation is to spray the tree’s base with ant powder. The powder kills the ants when they leave the tree to search of food. But it not only kills the ants that touch the powder; since other ants will eat the dead, they will ingest the poison and die, too.


If the entrance hole of the ant mound is easily accessible, you can activate a can of defogger at the opening. You can then spray the ants that come flooding out with your preferred pesticide.

Professional Tree Service

As effective as the methods above can be, the best way to deal with an ant-infested tree is to reach out to a certified arborist. They will assess the situation and determine the best method to effectively eliminate the infestation.

Reliable Arborist Services in Sandy Springs, GA

From spraying ant powder to using ant bait, you have various ways of dealing with an ant-infested tree. However, consulting the expertise of a certified arborist gives you the best possible results.

Whether you have low-maintenance trees or your trees need extensive care, we’ve got you covered.

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