A Nature Lover’s Guide to the Most Common Trees in Georgia

North American lands grow over 1,000 species of trees. These majestic plants absorb the carbon dioxide we exhale and replace it with precious oxygen, creating a symbiotic relationship with us.

Trees also provide us with fruit and look beautiful as part of our surrounding landscape. But, they can also turn dangerous when storms or rot create the risk of them falling in populated areas. Staying on top of tree maintenance helps us stay safe.

Knowing the types of trees in your area will help you determine the type of care needed and allows you to further connect with nature. Read on to learn about the most common trees in Georgia.

Peach Trees

While not the most common trees in Georgia, peach trees deserve recognition when talking on this topic in the Peach State. Commercially, they grow in the central and southern regions of the state. Many Georgia residents also grow these fruit trees in their yards.

Peach trees require regular pruning. This will keep them shapely for a nice appearance. It also keeps the fruit coming.

You may or may not want to keep up on the small maintenance throughout the year on your own. But hire a professional for Spring pruning and trimming when it requires the most care.

Trident Maple

This green leafy tree grows tall with a wide branch span. The 3 pointed leaves add vibrancy to any landscape and they thrive in non compact soils despite their size.

Keeping a maple of this size in your yard allows a shady place to sit on a blanket. Since these trees do grow so large, you should absolutely call a professional if storms crack any big branches.

Eastern Redbud

Flowering trees bring a delicate beauty to yards across Georgia. The Eastern Redbud branches off of a slim, furrowed trunk. The heart-shaped flowers range from yellow to red.

These trees do not require too much maintenance, aside from regular water. But, every spring, after the flowers finish, getting the tree pruned will help it stay healthy and keep a nice.

Crape Myrtle

These Georgia trees pop with colorful flowers against dark green leaves. Flowers on each tree remain uniform, but they may blossom in white, pink, or purple.

The Crape Myrtle grows tall and bushy, with drooping branches. If allowed to grow ramp-id, they may make your yard appear unkempt. Regular pruning from a tree service will keep them adding sophistication to your yard instead.

Southern Magnolia

This southern landmark tree requires a great amount of space. The Southern Magnolia may grow from 60′-80′ and spread its branches 40′ wide.

This can look incredible in an open yard. But, it is important to keep up on trimming, especially if you have homes or wires in the vicinity. Storms may break branches and require emergency tree service.

Grow Common Trees in Georgia

Grow the common trees in Georgia as they add to the aesthetic beauty of your yard and thrive well in this subtropical climate. But, do not forget about maintaining them.

We want to help you keep your yard beautiful and safe by caring for the living trees and removing the ones that create risk. Contact us today!


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